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5 years into minimalism

Today, I am about 5 years into minimalism.

Here are few things that I am certain.

  • I do not have any craving for things. I don’t wish much. In fact, I feel weird that I don’t want anything.
  • It is a continuous effort. Fortunately, I did not fall of the wagon. I was wondering why? Once I started living with full intention and being sincere to myself, I realize that I am surely content with my decision of becoming a minimalist. Though I did not relapse, I found myself deciding without full intention for few times. How did I wake up from that? It is when I started feeling unhappy.
  • I am no longer bothered with what people think about how I wear my clothes. From where I come from, people tend to laugh at you make remarks when they notice you wearing the same attire. I learned that since I was very small. The kids in school was picking on how I wear my hairclips because I was wearing the same exact butterfly clip.
  • I feel rich inside out. I always have extra cash because I only spend on the necessary. I feel rich emotionally because I have learned to say NO to negative people. In fact, I don’t hangout with negative people at all.
  • I am certain that this is my way of living. I am no longer searching for a  simple happy life. I am already in it!

Very happy!

Deleting Social Medias – Result

My first attempt lasted for 21 days which supposed to be the benchmark of breaking a habit.

It seems that I am am still unable to let go of social medias especially Instagram.

Why? It reminds me why I used Instagram at first place. It is where people display their art and something beautiful.

I resumed using instagram again because I wanted to store and display how beautiful Chandi Borobudur and Chandi Prambhanan is.

Regardless, it was a failed attempt.

Maybe next time.


I’m going vegan!

Why you should become vegan?
There is simply no easier way to help animals and prevent suffering than by choosing vegan foods over meat, eggs, and dairy products. … According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vegans are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure than meat-eaters are.”- PETA
That is the result that I found when I googled ” vegan benefits”. Weirdly I don’t necessarily want to be a vegan because of animal suffering. I believe in nature as a whole and food chain. It is just how nature is. Carnivore, herbivore, omnivore.
I’d say, going vegan is more of my conscious decision as a minimalist to choose better food for better living.
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