January 2017
I recall having a mixed feeling of excitement and nervous about my responsibilities in the company. It is natural when you are always constantly pushing your boundaries in life. The feeling of I never did this before. I don’t know how to do some of these. I have no clue if it will work or not, doubt in oneself and sometimes at others too. Lots of internal monologue and struggles. Most of the time, it is the self-doubts that speaks louder than anything else. On December, I recruited quite a number of new employees and found myself in a situation where the office is no longer enough. Deciding in between co-working space or own office, where do we work while the process of moving is ongoing while not incurring so much of cost. Also, how do I make sure that the employee experience is not interrupted to maintain the company’s reputation while transitioning and of course keeping the business running as usual. January went by with 1-month contract with co-working space which gave me a month to set up a new office.

February 2017
I stumbled with the reality of Malaysian where everything stops during the holiday. Everything stops. Through random social connection and personal interests in different field, I managed to get a contractor who works as hard as me and does not let the holidays to stop things from happening. Finally managed to transition to the new office on time and immediately get the ball rolling.

March – August 2017
The time where I learned more about leadership. Making mistakes, admitting mistakes, correcting mistakes, learning from it and improvise at every possible time. Leadership a whole art to learn of course. Having to step up and more assertive is something that I had to do during these times. I was always a strong believer of not forcing my beliefs to other people, let alone trying to shove it down their throat. However, in certain circumstances I must be assertive to get things done. That is when the flexibility to unlearn and relearn is very important.

One of the most important thing that I learned during these period is to really live by my values and principles (being a minimalist). To have the courage to say NO to things that I know will not make me happy. To say “YES” to challenges and things that will push my boundaries. Also to have more than 100% faith that I will get through difficult things and also to have faith in others. Faith in others when the person does not even see it.

I’ve also came to a decision to work on going on a vegan diet. Honestly, I don’t like the label but that is the easiest way to explain the lifestyle that I want to incorporate in my life.

September – October 2017
I’ve invested on my own well being physically, mentally and spiritually. I’ve also made a point to participate in 10 days Meditation Retreat (Noble Silence) where I eventually make new friends and learn new things.

October – December 2017
Filled with adventures, I went on backpacking through Europe (15 countries) from France and ended in Greece. All by land transportation except Rome – Thessaloniki.

All in all, if I would like to name year 2017 in one word, it would be BRAVE.
Today, 6 January 2017 – I am sitting in a bedroom somewhere in the middle of North Borneo, writing this blog post accompanied by the raindrops on the tin roofs with with only 1 bar of 3G network occasionally taken over by Edge connection or no network at all. Isolated in serenity. ?

I have been thinking about 2018 and I’d love to see 2018 with more of Act of Service for the sake of adventure.