Today, I am about 5 years into minimalism.

Here are few things that I am certain.

  • I do not have any craving for things. I don’t wish much. In fact, I feel weird that I don’t want anything.
  • It is a continuous effort. Fortunately, I did not fall of the wagon. I was wondering why? Once I started living with full intention and being sincere to myself, I realize that I am surely content with my decision of becoming a minimalist. Though I did not relapse, I found myself deciding without full intention for few times. How did I wake up from that? It is when I started feeling unhappy.
  • I am no longer bothered with what people think about how I wear my clothes. From where I come from, people tend to laugh at you make remarks when they notice you wearing the same attire. I learned that since I was very small. The kids in school was picking on how I wear my hairclips because I was wearing the same exact butterfly clip.
  • I feel rich inside out. I always have extra cash because I only spend on the necessary. I feel rich emotionally because I have learned to say NO to negative people. In fact, I don’t hangout with negative people at all.
  • I am certain that this is my way of living. I am no longer searching for a  simple happy life. I am already in it!

Very happy!