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Month: July 2017

First 30 days of being a vegan

On June 24, 2017 I decided to go vegan. Here are  my thoughts on my journey so far.

  1. Self-discovery

Though I have been a minimalist for almost five years now, I am still surprised to know that there is a lot of things about myself that I have not discover. This 30 days journey got me discover that I am a profoundly radical person. In the past, I was addicted to McDonald’s food where I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner – EVERYDAY! On 31/08/2014, I told myself that I don’t want to be addicted to McDonald’s anymore and I will make it a point to forbid myself from eating McDonald’s for the entire September 2014 and successfully did it. Now, I can’t even recall when was the last time I had fries and burgers from McDonald’s. On July 2013, I simply said yes to bungee jump and two weeks later my legs were still in blue black because I jumped wrongly. How could I jump wrongly? Because I did not do any research before going for the bungee. I said YES and paid for hiking trip without learning the track prior to hiking. It was 23KM distance hike. That is not to mention my career journey. Being vegan? I simply commit to it without any research on how to be a vegan.

  1. Weight loss

Throughout the 30 days, I’ve lost 10 lbs without any workout (not that excited to admit this). That is unbelievable! I tried intermittent fasting in the past and it only lost me 5 lbs in a month inclusive of vigorous workout routine.

  1. Hungry + Angry = Hangry

I’ve had HANGRY in my entire life. It is beyond my control which is probably the main reason of my mindless eating habit. The moment I am feeling hungry, I stuff my face with anything in my sight. Anything! Since I changed my eating habit into vegan, I no longer experience hangry. Just hungry with no rage presence.

  1. Energy level

For the past one year, I barely cooked because by the end of the day I am already too tired or simply feeling lazy. Throughout the 30 days, I cooked for my lunch and dinner every day except those days where I have arranged dinner or lunch with colleagues. I wonder where did I get the energy to prepare my meal on daily basis?

  1. Food discovery

As mentioned earlier, I did not do any diet research prior to deciding being a vegan. I just decided that I want to eat more plants and no animals. More direct energy conversion, generally better for the planet and lesser potential of animal disease related matters. No sickness, no health bills, happier and fuller life. Once I get into veganism, I am completely mindblown about the fact that there are so many vegan food that I can cook on my own. They are flamboyant, happy and beautiful too! I think the food topic deserve a separate post on its own.

Our mother earth has done so much for us and us – human; relentlessly destroying our own world every day. I would not say that I will never eat animal product again in my entire life from now onward but certainly, I intentionally choose to embrace veganism as a part of my way of life.

I believe that veganism is a tool for me into a simple happy life through minimalism.


5 years into minimalism

Today, I am about 5 years into minimalism.

Here are few things that I am certain.

  • I do not have any craving for things. I don’t wish much. In fact, I feel weird that I don’t want anything.
  • It is a continuous effort. Fortunately, I did not fall of the wagon. I was wondering why? Once I started living with full intention and being sincere to myself, I realize that I am surely content with my decision of becoming a minimalist. Though I did not relapse, I found myself deciding without full intention for few times. How did I wake up from that? It is when I started feeling unhappy.
  • I am no longer bothered with what people think about how I wear my clothes. From where I come from, people tend to laugh at you make remarks when they notice you wearing the same attire. I learned that since I was very small. The kids in school was picking on how I wear my hairclips because I was wearing the same exact butterfly clip.
  • I feel rich inside out. I always have extra cash because I only spend on the necessary. I feel rich emotionally because I have learned to say NO to negative people. In fact, I don’t hangout with negative people at all.
  • I am certain that this is my way of living. I am no longer searching for a  simple happy life. I am already in it!

Very happy!

Deleting Social Medias – Result

My first attempt lasted for 21 days which supposed to be the benchmark of breaking a habit.

It seems that I am am still unable to let go of social medias especially Instagram.

Why? It reminds me why I used Instagram at first place. It is where people display their art and something beautiful.

I resumed using instagram again because I wanted to store and display how beautiful Chandi Borobudur and Chandi Prambhanan is.

Regardless, it was a failed attempt.

Maybe next time.


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